You have questions and VIADA has answers.

Q. Do I really have to take this recertification?

A. Yes. No one is exempt. There is no grace period. If you do not recertify by your deadline date, you will lose your dealer qualification.

Q. Where may I find my due date to take this recertification?

A. The Motor Vehicle Dealer Board sends a letter to your home address that gives your recertification date or you may look on the Motor Vehicle Dealer Board’s website.

Q. Where can I find the list of dealers that are currently in need of recertification?

A. Click on the link above labeled, “When Do I Recertify” for a list of Dealer-Operator Names and Recertification Deadline Dates (this link address changes often).

Q. If I do not see my name on the list, what should I do?

A. Call the Motor Vehicle Dealer Board. They are able to tell you your mandatory date deadline. 804-367-1100 ext 3016.

Q: How long will the online course take me?

A: It is an in-person course and takes approximately four hours.

Q: Is there a test?

A: Yes. You must pass the test following the course.

Q: How and when will the Motor Vehicle Dealer Board be notified that I have taken the online course?

A: VIADA notifies the Motor Vehicle Dealer Board when the dealer has successfully completed the course.